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Our Services & Features are Designed to give Maximum comfort.

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Room & Desk Services

  • Above 100

We offer 24 Hours Room Services with of Desk Service ready to attend to all the requests that will make your stay comfortable. Our Desk offers advises on places you want to visit and flight advisory

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Wi-Fi internet Services

  • above 100

Free fast internet connection across the individual rooms .Across the rooms the internet is secured compared to the free internet in the free areas in the Hotel.

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Parking Area

  • Over 100 Vehicles

Our Parking area inclusive 'street-area' parking can accommodate over 100 vehicles of different types. We have well-equipped security personnel to guide over cars parked in our parking areas. We also have assess to parking lots for our long staying guests and Guests who chooses to leave their transport in our care while they go on tour of the country.

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Spa, Message & Beauty Saloon

  • 20 Persons

Jacaranda Spa, Message and Beauty Salon services includes Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Morocco Bath and Messages of different types which ranges from normal message to different oriental messages of international standard. Our Staff in this section are professionals of the highest esteem dedicated to ensuring your comfort and health are of the highest level.

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Airport Shuttle

  • 50+ Guests

We offer 24-Hour Airport Shuttle Services to and from Bahir Dar Airport. Our Shuttle Services are also available on request to get you to your nearest bus terminal within Bahir Dar Town. Our desk is also available to provide travel advisory that will be helpful for your stay and visit to other destinations within Ethiopia. We can link you up with our wide network of trusted associates and hotels, even outside of Bahir Dar town where we are located.

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Sovereign Shop

  • All Clients

Our Sovereign Shop have various ancient artifacts and traditional gifts which can be purchased as gifts on your visit. In our stock are traditional handcraft crosses, cultural replicas, traditional clothes and other gift items that cab serve as memorabilia of your coming to Ethiopia.

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